Polar Video – Behind The Scenes….


Here are some stills of my ‘starring’ (cough, cough) role in their latest video for ‘In Country.’

We filmed the video a few weeks ago but the boys have been off doing their ferocious thing touring the UK with the likes of While She Sleeps – the results of our weekend in Godalming is now up, so I thought I’d show you some behind the scenes snaps of our chilly couple of days.

Myself and Katie Gurr were invited to feature as jury members who would help to sentence witch (Lauren Arabella) to a very wet fate.

When we googled our role we quickly realized that we would find it pretty impossible to perfectly mimic the garb worn from the existing clothes in our wardrobes, so we opted for an updated version, with notably shorter hemlines and trendier shoes – we kept it monochrome and village -y so we weren’t completely flouncing the brief.

When we turned up at the location we quickly realized we had come as some sort of pilgrim/nun/schoolgirl hybrids. If we had been aware of the dimness of light and blink and you miss us edit we may not have faffed over out attire for so long.

Fab had roped in his colleague to play the scary judge, who had brought a Whitesnake worthy wig along as a possible look for the shoot – it delivered giggles but was vito’d pretty sharpish. 

Trooper of the weekend has to go to Lauren who had to be dragged away from the jury scene more than a handful of times thanks to us extras and our regular corpsing. I put all blame on the Juror who’s ad-libbing was shockingly R rated

Once day one was complete a few us headed to a pub for some hearty fatty and comforting food, knowing that we were due to be up at about 4am for the next day of shooting. Doom.

Waking up was as fun filled as you can imagine, as was trekking through the woods in the pitch dark – extremely hazardous when considering the parallel freezing cold water.

Poor Lauren was in for it again… we all know what happened to witches….

The screams heard that morning haven’t left me yet…

Despite the lack of sleep and toe numbing temperatures it was a lot of fun and nice to see Polars dedicated fans who turned up to join in dark revelry.  

Big shout out to Chris for his awesome Direction too! 

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