Martini Royale – A new cocktail for Christmas…

Last night I braved the cold and trekked over the cobbles of Brick Lane to attend an event celebrating the launch of a new cocktail from my favourite drinks brand, Martini. 

I currently live life as a non drinker. I  am not making a straight edge statement, nor am I being conscious of my bank balance. Sadly, my body wasn’t very well put together, and I have been advised that alcohol does not suit my various frailties. So I am not able to make any new memories while enjoying the beautiful flavours of the Italian Icon, but it will always remain my beloved party drink, with a scent which will also transport me back to glorious holiday chill outs.  Despite the fact it wouldn’t be gracing my mouth, I was  looking forward to being able to sniff the new member of the brand’s gang from my friend Natalie’s glass, who was accompanying me as an official taster. Trust me, she is more than equipped!! 

One of my cool friends, you know the types that wear clothes before they are trends and that know the hottest nightspots before they get infiltrated by the masses, had once spoken of Back in 5 Minutes. This exclusive hub, hidden behind a super chic shop full of all things black, is a home for the Disappearing Dining Club, who provide good food and drink for like minded people throughout the week. 

I was not prepared for illustrious array of delicious delights they had for our Martini based socializing though….

But let’s get to the crux of things, does it taste any good. 

According to Nat the Martini Royale is a very refreshing and light, and she felt she could enjoy a few in an evening as an alternative to her usual white wine.  

( MARTINI vermouth is an aromatic wine at 15% ABV. A MARTINI Royale made with 70cl MARTINI Bianco and 70cl Prosecco has 1.9 alcohol units compared to 2.3 alcohol units for a medium glass (175ml) of white win at 13% ABV)

As I have already established it is not advised I drink, but that does not mean I am unable to  participate in the someone elses drinking experience. My Bond obsession is at an all time high, having forked out on extortionate cinema costs to see Skyfall twice on the big screen already. Rather than mimic the swigging spy I  quite like the thought of attempting to embodying one of the glamorous ladies preparing his killer tipple. I just need someone to get tuxed up and be my 007 for the night…

How to make the perfect Martini Royale…

Fill a large glass with plenty of ice

Pour 70ml MARTINI Bianco (half way up)

Add 70ml MARTINI Procecco (top up)

Squeeze and drop a quarter of fresh lime

Stir and garnish with fresh mint. 

My new cocktail making kit…

P.S If you are a social butterfly that prefers mingling within London hot spots than participating in sophisticated home based soirees, you can sip on these beauties at the likes of Bunga Bunga, Lucky Pig, Soho House, Shoreditch House, Madison’s and many more.

Actresses at the event regaled stories relating to the Europe’s no 1 spirit brand to attendees handed playing cards during the evening…

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