My Interview with Daniel Galvin Junior

Readers of my hair related posts/articles will already be aware of the horrors than have been inflicted on my thatch over the years. Traumas so impact-full they shape my grooming regime to this day. There was the failed attempt at the cutsie Meg Ryan choppy bob when I hit my teens, ‘You’ve Got Mail’/’City of Angels’ era, which resulted in a fetching mushroom aesthetic. This was thanks in part to the lack of home styling equipment, the day’s before GHD’s, a time so significant it could be labelled BGHD, and the hairdressers lack of consideration when it came to my hair type, which at that time was very thick and kicking out wherever it fancied! I can imagine now that after years of practice with straighteners, in an time period with we will label AGHD, I could have created something more liveable. I could have improved matters and looked less like a fungi had sprouted out of my skull cavity. You may think I am being over dramatic, but I think we can all recall, even if it happens be a horrifically long time ago, the unkindness that can be directed on to our insecure selves at school.

Fast forward over a decade, well over if you must know, and you have a beauty writer who has lead a foolishly unadventurous life when it comes to her tresses, partially down to time constraints, but largely down to fear and mistrust.

A year or two again, when I was going through a personal crisis, one that lead to me ‘seizing the day’ and doing a bungee jump and sky dive within a few months of each-other, I decided to be a bit daring, by my standards at least. At that time I was cooing over everyone’s dip dye looks, and thought that it could be a less scary transition for someone that doesn’t dye the hair. The bonus was that I wouldn’t have to worry about up keep too!

So I went through with it, and although the blonde was a bit lighter and the dip dye sections longer than I had initially wanted, I liked it and wrote a very favourable review of the hairdresser who I will now be calling ‘The Inflicter’… in a movie baddie type way. Sadly a few weeks later the condition of my hair appeared to be suffering considerably, showing its dilapidation by snapping off to a horrifying degree. Chats with professionals since have concluded that this particular salon had most probably left the bleach on for far too long, and hadn’t considered the quality or type of hair before going ahead. Add this to considerable hair loss due to stress and other health issues and you left with someone with very lackluster locks and considerably diminished confidence. What makes this outcome particularly upsetting is that my former natural blonde thick hair had been the only thing about myself I was relatively happy with!

On the upside some hair angels have come into my life this year. Bleach London’s Loren Miles delivered the perfect temporary peachy pink hue, so that I could feel rebellious (for a few washes), and more recently Daniel Galvin Jnr, who has completely restored my faith in hairdressers. No easy task.

I headed to the Belgravia salon a couple of weeks ago to interview Daniel Galvin Jnr. Usually when I tell my mum who I am interviewing I am greeted with a blank expression, this time she looked pretty impressed… and so she should. The Galvin’s have built up quite an empire with Daniel Galvin Jnr building a reputation for being a pioneer in organic products, as well as holding an reputation for exemplary colouring loved by some of our most glam stars.

Daniel kindly wanted to give my hair a treat during my visit to the salon, so offered the opportunity to sample his bespoke miracle detox treatment. He had told me that he could tell me ends were in need of a bit of TLC, dampening the blow slightly by saying that I did essentially have good hair despite its current state of neglect. This treatment is tailored to each individual, so of course my formula was catered to rectify a whole lot of damage, dryness and general neglect. The treatment which features a combination of strengthening Keratin, antioxidants, Vitamin C, Cider Vinegar and paraben free nourishing argan oil and Daniel’s besboke formula is a high protein mask – which if I remember GCSE science correctly, are the building blocks of life, and essential for repair.
From seeing the sooty aftermath that blowing my nose creates after my daily grind in the city and on the underground I was particularly happy to hear about its ability to purify, deeply cleansing by removing build up from pollution and stodgy products.

So first the antioxidant cocktail was applied to my wet hair and left on for about ten minutes, a time that was far from boring thanks to the arrival of a smiley Louis Walsh, who was in for a pre X Factor spruce I imagine. After allowing my hair to be cleansed with the vitamin C it was washed an towel dried and lead away from the sink to a seat in the salon where the high protein organic keratin and the much talked about argan oil mask was massaged into my scalp and then combed into my hair from root to tip.  For the next half hour my head was encased in a steam contraption, no doubt killing more of my already depleting brain cells, during which I chatted to my one of the lovely team. She had come through The Prince’s Trust Apprenticeship scheme, something Daniel has been involved with for numerous years now. She spoke of how much it has helped her in terms of being able to support her young child, but even lovelier how it has instilled her with a confidence and feeling of self worth and purpose. Without talking thought you could tell she was happy in her work environment, and that was one of first things I noticed as soon as I was welcomed into the salon.

I am sure they won’t mind me saying that they are an interesting and contrasting mix of people, but this staff recipes creates a warm and comforting atmosphere, that lacks the overly polished and clinical feel of some other high end salons. There was more than a few funny moments created by some of the salon’s characters when I was attempting to record our interview too, which only added to the charm. It was very obvious in the few hours I was in their company that there is a great dynamic between Daniel and his team, one which helps to ensure your time in their company is fun.

To finish off the treatment your hair is given a blow dry to seal in all the goodness it’s been delivered during the treatment and to bring out that final boost of gloss. I don’t have one of the cutsie heart shaped or pixie faces, mine is long and thin (and getting longer by the day), so I generally veer away from the sleek uber straight styles, as past mistakes have proven it increases the nayyyy factor.

I’ve always been about big hair to be honest and I was hoping today I could get closer to emulating Kelly Brook’s post Galvin voluminous waves. To achieve this they used rollers, and a round brush to create the oomph while smoothing the lengths.

When the rollers were taken out I could have had a happy weep. My weathered mane appeared to have returned to its former glory – thick and bouncy and extremely swish-able. What was the biggest revelation was the shine though. I had always thought dullness and lack of gloss was an affliction for blondes, but I have been proven that I am capable and worthy of an almost mirror like shine, just as much as those jammy brunettes!!Daniel came over with a mirror to show me the 360 degree result – he could see the obvious glee on my face and advised me on how to ensure my hair continues on its road to recovery.

After numerous disasters and now in the de-light of a
major success, I think I have now realised the keys to me enjoying my salon experiences. The first one is trust, which is integral to all other relationships, so should of course be applied to your hairdresser. The state of your hair can have a huge impact on your confidence, so deciding where you go should be a considered decision. Secondly, you want someone who listens to you. Previously, every time I have said that I wanted a very small trim, I have had to deal with having to see multiple inches gathering in a mound on the floor beneath me. While Daniel will offer advice and recommendations, he will deliver that tiny trim you desire when trying to grow your hair.

Sadly the night I had my hair dreams come true, I was due to be staying in and having a take away. Rather than cringely creating an event to merely showcase my red carpet worthy makeover, I just took the obligatory selfies for a brief moment of self indulgence via Instagram. Someone commenting saying ‘very Barbarella’ pretty much made my year, and cemented the fact that this would be the first of many experience of The Daniel Galvn Jnr Salon.

 Thank you so much team Galvin Jnr!!!

 The finished result……

A few more words with Daniel…..

Your Dubble Trouble range (below) is available in Morrisons now. Your walks
round Highgrove inspired your Duchy range, so what places or things
inspired the flavours of this range?

To make bath and shower more fun, essences really do have a sense of
place, when you smell certain essences they really take you back to that
time and place, Watermelon, remember that huge slice you devoured as a
kid on an exotic holiday, or peak English summer time, fresh and
delicious,…so when you use DT watermelon it takes you back.Cucumber is natural and fresh Hyperalogenic. Bananberry , bananas and custard are warm and homely. Cherry....Cherry Bakewells….yum.


 What are the main things you wanted to omit that you are usually found in other products?

Parabens, Petrolatum and mineral oils, propylene glycol, dibutyl phthalate, DEA-related ingredient 

Louis Walsh popped in the Salon when I was there on Friday. Why do you think your celebrity clientele is so strong and frequent?

Over the years I have developed a good personal relationship with all my clients and my celebrities clients, colour is consistent, continuity is key!
I have built a friendship with them and like all my clients they enjoy
coming to the salon. My salon has become a familiar friendly place for
them, they know the staff who are very discrete, allowing the
celebrities to fully relax and enjoy themselves. For those celebrities
who wish to be more private, we have an area that can be cornered off
for absolute privacy. We pride ourselves in client confidentiality,
celebrities have compete trust and faith in whole experience. 

What attributes are unique to what you do? Why do people come to see your team specifically?

team of expert hair colourists and stylists, provide consultations to
individual clients, deciding together what will suit the individual
best. All my
colourists are trained by me in house, this allows continuity and
consistency in what we do. It is one thing doing a colour well once but
doing it week in year in it’s another challenge, that is what we do so
well. We use hair colour as a cosmetic, bringing out a woman’s natural

I have recently launched my high protein detox mask,
endorsed by Kelly Brook, which is 100% natural with keratin,
anti-oxidant Vitamin C and paraben-free nourishing argan oil. My clients
love this treatment, most of them have it once a month. 

I also offer the Duplication Lights,
which is a colour service for the discerning, time-poor woman. Business
women who are on the go and have NO time to sit in the salon up to 4
hours can now book a double-colourist service whereby me and my senior
protégé, Olyvia Abizadeh, Will work on the same head of hair to ensure
an expert service in half the time. This costs £600 for the power women,
where times is money and of the essence.

know the Made in Chelsea cast come to see you. Are their visits as
dramatic as their antics on the show? Is Spencer as roguish as he seems?

wouldn’t like to give too much away, but they are all absolutely lovely
and charming. The boys love to flirt with girls in the salon, who in
return give them a bit of a chase.

Millie is stunning and a joy to work with. As you can see she models for the salon. 

The salon has been included in various episodes, with the stylists doing the girls hair.

Has any star client left you starstruck? Do you remember the first celeb you cut and how you coped?

Abdul, Belinda Carlisle – I was 21 and worked in LA, I was nervous;
Ozzy Osbourne freaked me out a little, as I couldn’t understand what he
was saying most days – lovely guy.

four days since my Vitamin/Detox treatment and it still feels much
softer than before. How regularly should I have it done in an ideal

an ideal world you should have it done once a month, however, I know
this isn’t realistic for everyone so prioritize for after holidays.

With our lifestyles in 2012 is it vital to have such treatments to maintain good condition?

is important to cut your hair regularly and have treatments to maintain
good condition. Hair becomes very polluted, stressed, dry and built up
with products – it is imperative you replenish your hair with a rich
nourishing formula to purify, add volume and deeply cleanse. Lifestyles
are busier today than ever before, more networking, training at the gym
and therefore more shampooing and blow drying.

Can you give me an insight into the Adult range dropping soon?

Head comes in 4 different Shampoo’s and conditioner’s, a detox masque
and 4 different styling products including Anti-Frizz Serum, Huge Hair
Mousse, Heat Defense & Shine Spray, Full Volume Root lift Spray and
Extra Hold Hairspray. The products are rich in essential oils including
organic Aloe Vera, Orange Oil, Argan Oil, Wheat proteins and Amigo
Acids  – building blocks of life.

have developed Organic Head to answer to the demand for professional
grade, organic hair products nationwide, without a price-tag. All
Organic Head products cost £4. You can purchase these at Morrisons
Nationwide and at

Most requested look at the moment?

completely depends on the age and individual. It’s about style not
fashion, as Oscar Wilde said ‘fashion comes and fashion goes but style
lasts forever’.

Home hair products everyone should have?

Head Detox Masque, Heat Defense Spray & Shine and of course one of
the shampoo and conditioner that compliments your hair.

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