Electrifying Party Tresses

When I was at school my parents were very rigid when it came to make up and uniform. Apart from the concealer I’d borrow (steal) from my mums bathroom cabinet to cover my ever increasing breakouts, I would have to abide by the no visible make up rule. I was also not allowed to dye my hair even though my friends were either getting their first streaky blonde highlights or punky colours from camden market. What my parents did allow was the use of hair mascaras that I could wear on the weekend with my rock t-shirts and skate trousers, that would wash out in preparation for school on the Monday.

Although they worked at delivering the bright colours I was looking to streak into my untouched blond mane, they gave the hair a horribly sticky texture. If had curled or crimped (yes crimping was in ok!) my hair the sections that had the wand through would end up straight and independent from the rest.

I was interested to see how hair mascara has developed since my teens, and whether they could tempt me away from my Kevin Murphy Colour Bugs.

First of all at a ridiculously affordable £1.25 they are already winning me over. I opted for the pink and purple hues so I can hope to mimic My little Pony glory.

When applying it to the hair I noticed that the strands were looking lank and damp.. just how I remembered.  Giving it a few minutes to dry though, the original untouched texture of my hair was pretty much restored, albeit with a slight glittery tinge thanks to the party friendly colours.

I attempted to create a graduated dip dye effect my combining the two colours. Although it wasn’t a complete disaster, the chalky nature of the colour bugs make it easier to blend and are therefore better suited to create the effect.

If you want to give it a go though ensure you wipe the wand on the side of the tube before applying to hair or you will find out get an uneven colour distribution, which is hard to rectify without washing it out completely.

In conclusion, these mascara’s are probably best suited to those wanting to create fine streaks into the hair, or for those wantintg to add a dash of popping colour to their fringe for the party season –  the size makes them perfect to pop in those party clutches if you want to share the joy with fellow revelers!

 £1.25 from www.lovethymakeup.com – the perfect stocking filler for beauty fiends!


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