Winter Warmers – Burham Style



I have always enjoyed going on shopping trips with my males friends. I will often get asked to go and help them pick outfits for events or dates, or just generally give their wardrobes a bit of a rehaul. It is not purely because I like doing a good deed, but because I like checking out the mens fashion that are around too, and I am often quite jealous about what‘s  on offer to them. It is not that they have a more varied selection but more that I always think it is a lot easier to look cool as a man. It just takes a few key items to look sharp or currentthere are almost too many options for us ladies, and therefore more pitfalls and areas to slip up. 

Simon, the rather fetching man above, is an innately stylish dude. He has a great eye, and always his finger on the pulse, knowing about all the hottest brands, particularly in terms street wear.  You will often catch him looking people up and down on the street but he‘s not a shameless perv, more often than not he is scoping for outfit ideas and inspiration which will often inspire an evening of internet shopping and ebay hunting.

Although he knows what he likes, he isn’t great at making decisions (understatement), so I enjoy helping him to fine tune his looks and put winning combinations together. 

 We went for a  lovely wintery walk this last week both sporting our favourite new winter ensembles, so I thought I’d take a few snaps on my trsuty HTC. 

 I think he has found the perfect balance of classic pieces with streetwear. I think its NY urbanite, retro Deftones vibe, with a hint of English classic… How’s that for a combo!!  

  Supreme Hat (Ebay find)

Dark Navy Jeans 

Van shoes

Carhartt Arctic Coat – Hamilton Brown £220

 ASOS Cable Knit Jumper £28

ASOS Chunky Silver Pocket Watch Necklace £12

This last picture is purely for the awwww factor….


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