Amy Child’s Sleep-in Rollers – Review

First thing I want to say about this product is how lovely the presentation of the beauty package is. I was just expecting some rollers in a cellophane bag, but they came along with a special pink carrier, with bobby pins contained in a cute velvety drawstring bag.

Okay, so I didn’t have the most comfortable night of my life while wearing the rollers but will admit that they were more comfortable than the average roller due to their foamy quality. I would recommend putting something over your head to avoid tangles and natural sleep movements disrupting the bobby pins. I opted for a scarf, but I am sure some of you beauty fiends will have things made specifically for this task. 

Instead of putting the rollers in for sleep, when at home for the day with an evening out in the offing, I will put them in my hair after my morning shower and leave in for as long as possible before getting ready. Having seen masters at work at the likes of Daniel Galvin Juniors salon I am aware my technique is slightly lacking when it comes to putting in rollers – my attempts are not quite as secure and neat and have more with a few fly-aways. I try and trap the bits that have escaped when spraying with holding hairspray. 

While the foam inner of the roller is the key feature to making them more comfortable to sleep in, they make it slightly harder when sliding in the bobby pins when compared to the usual roller minus sponge. 

In terms of the final result, they create great height at the root which stays to an extent till your next wash. They also create Hollywood waves which last you through an evening and make you feel extremely glamorous.

For £22.00 I’d say they are definitely worth treating yourself to.

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