My Interview with MTV Catfish creaters Max Joseph and Nev Schulman

Tonight MTV UK premiers the first episode of a gripping 12 part new series based on the hit film Catfish.

Cat-fish (Kat-fish) noun – a person who pretends to be someone they’re not, using social media to create a false identity, particularly to pursue deceitful online romances.

The show focuses on young couples who without closer inspection appear to have cultivated a romantic relationship or ‘fallen in love’ via the internet, but are yet to meet in person. Filmmakers Yaniv (Nev) Schulman and Max Joseph make it their responsibility to uncover the realities of the situation, traveling around the vast country to document each unique and intensely personal story.

Each episode highlights everyone’s natural yearning for love, which combined with the naivety of youth and our instinct to see the best in people, blinds the victim to some glaring truths. Of course there can be lies and falsehoods in so called ‘normal’ face to face relationships, but this show puts a spotlight on the way social media and communication via the internet can aid in someone’s attempt to mask and deceive. In fact it gives them the ability to create a whole new world…. or escape.

Starts Monday 21st January @10pm on MTV (Opening with a double bill)

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