Schwarzkopf Live Colour XXL – Reader Review

I had just had my hair expertly lightened by Loren at Bleach London when the generous people at Schwarzkopf sent over some samples of their LIVE COLOUR XXL dye. I am not one for being wasteful so I reached out to my lovely Twitter friends for willing guinea pigs looking to add oomph to their mane in time for Christmas. The willing green eyed, porcelain skinned Sandra stepped forward to take on a Pillar Red Hue. 

* a quick disclaimer…. the dye was intended for blondes, so the outcome is less drastic on the brunette Sandra.

Sandra’s Review:

Unfortunately the red is not that bright and barely
noticeable. I think my natural hair color was too dark. But nevertheless
I like the result, the little bit of a red shade that is visible on my
head. Using the product was quite easy after having read the instruction
leaflet (clear descriptions). I massaged the color creme into my damp
hair and waited about 25 minutes and rinsed it out with warm water. Very
easy to use. When my hair was dry it had this reddish shade which I
love. The longer I look at it, the more I like it. And it smells good.

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