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I had some business cards printed up when I finished uni when on my first proper graduate job hunt. They were pretty bland and generic, but did the job adequately – although I wasn’t overly enthusiastically happy about handing them out as a representation of me.

I loath to admit that a lengthy period of time has passed since then, a duration I am not willing to divulge, and my networking skills have left a lot to be desired. In my various job roles (PR, Blogger, Journalist, Producer, Presenter, Stylist) you are often asked to hand over a business card, which is turn will hopefully lead to many exciting opportunities. For the past few years I have been that person who has said ‘oops, I’ve forgotten them’ and scrambled for an old receipt or scrap of notepaper to scrawl my details on…. professional eh!

But thankfully Instant Print have come to my rescue signaling a change for the new year and kitting me out with some extremely swish new business cards….

For the design I wanted something which linked to me website in some way…


but also clearly state what I do for work and the various ways to view my work and get in touch.

So here is my design…. Not over complicated but enough branding to link it to me and my work.

I’ve recently become obsessed with the muted delights of a matt finish , in part thanks to an ex who had highlighted the beauty of matt painted super-cars. I opted for the matt laminate finish for my cards – other lovely options include velvet and gloss.

The generous lot of Instant Print are kindly offering 4 of my readers (internet pals) the chances to win 1000 custom design cards.

If you think you want to advertise your skills in a slicker way in 2013 leave a comment or email me at….. I will pick the winners on Saturday!

Terms and Conditions – winners will have to submit a design to a photoshop/illustrator template




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    February 12, 2013 / 1:34 pm

    Yes please.. lanoi x

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