EXCLUSIVE – Live Footage of Delphic at The Relentless House Party

Yes I know…another Relentless Energy Drink themed post. But come on, what do you expect me to do when they keep on doing so many blog-worthy things!

This week they put on one of their many ingenious summer events, this time in the form of a house party in one of the UK’s most musical cities, Manchester

House parties are always the best type of shindig. Not only are you in the warm inside, you can sit and chill (pass out) in comfort, change your situation and move to a different room to mingle ( or escape some unsuccessful mingling from the previous room). 

But unlike the average house party you won’t have a mate insist on bringing his decks, not only offending your neighbours but your ears too. Nor will you worry about mess and spillages, or the lack of tasty beverages. 

This is a RELENTLESS ENERGY DRINK House Party and here you don’t have to fight about Itunes playlists or who’s going to go down the shop to stock up and drink…

The Manchester edition had the fantastic electronic/indie trio Delphic performing live in their hometown for the lucky party goers.

Most reading this post will have missed this particular stop on the Relentless party train… but fear not, you can watch some of their stellar performance right here!! ENJOY!


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