Relentless Energy Drink Advert – Pure Love Interview

Professor Green, Pure Love and Zane Lowe star in the brand new TV ad from Relentless Energy Drink.

Shot in a documentary style during the various moments of the creative process – from initial spark to getting to showcasing it in front of a live audience – the 60 second advert captures why these artists were hand picked. 

Through their dedication to getting their music out despite modern difficulties,putting on high energy live shows, and their commitment to being sincere about their musical outputs, all ambassadors perfectly reflect the brand’s ‘No Half Measures’ attitude.

Relentless’ creative director, Ross Cairns explains how he managed to capture the raw musical process when directing the advert.

“This wasn’t shot like most ads. It was a lot more time consuming and lengthy than that for all involved. We took a documentary approach, just spending time with the artists over a period of months, both in the UK and US, witnessing the creative process as it unfolded. We got to see what the artist experiences.

I’m fortunate in that I have strong existing relationship with the artists having worked with them all before. This mutual trust was important to removing any self-consciousness that would normally get in the way of the creative process.”

Yesterday I was privy to a brilliant Q &A, with XFM’s Gordan Smart at the helm.

As well as discussing the advert with Pure Love, Zane and Pro, we found out how ‘music matters’ to them individually, the difficulties and joys of having a career in music, and what exciting plans they all have in the coming months.

Afterwards I caught up with Pure Love to find out a bit more…

The advert will be hitting screens from the 18th of May. 

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