Cool Runnings….

To be honest exercise isn’t really on my agenda right now. I’d say it was because it is too darn hot to be trying to make myself even sweatier… but let’s face it I am just making excuses, I’m just not in a keep fit mood at the moment. 

That said, my friends are putting me to shame, doing marathons, treks and various honorable charity runs. I know they’d be extremely excited about the following opportunity for exercise…

You can race against the clock UP the Olympic bobsleigh track in la Plagne… yes really!

You can test
your stamina and speed this summer by racing up the 1.5km Olympic
bobsleigh track. Race against the clock over 120 metres of sheer
inclines and extended bends up the steep concrete course. Whether you’re
a keen runner or cyclist this is an opportunity not to be missed as 

There are a variety of categories to enter with FREE registration.

For more information please visit:

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