Interview with Rat Attack – A must see act at Reading and Leeds Festival.

2013 seems to be a great year for Rat Attack, does it fee like you’ve entered a new phase?

Yeah Definitely. We’re playing bigger stages to more people, getting a lot of major radio support and things are looking pretty awesome for the future.

Your 5 Track E.P is out now. Can you listen back and enjoy it fully or will you always hear little tweaks that you wish you could change?

I love our E.P and I wouldn’t change anything about it. It’s all about making the next release 10 times better. It’s looking good so far.

Does it feature songs you specifically wrote for this EP or are some that you’ve had for a while?

We had all the songs written a while before we actually recorded them because we were trying to write a full length album. We eventually decided to release a five track E.P instead to get people excited about the album.

How would you say the writing process goes for you – is it pretty seamless or a bit of a fight? Are you generally all on the same page?

We are very different people with very different music tastes so when we agree on something we know it’s good. It’s a long process but we’re not going to rush it for anyone.

What do you all bring to the band in terms of music, but also personality/characteristics?

Charlie writes all the riffs and forgets them but Wilson remembers them so it’s okay. We’ll jam until we get something cool on the go and then me and James will go off and write lyrics to shitty recordings on our phones. It’s a good system.

Radio and in particular Zane Lowe has been showing support. Is it still exciting to hear your music on the radio. Can you describe all your reactions the first time?

It puts a massive smile on my face every time I hear us on the radio. The amount of support we have received from Zane Lowe, Mike Davis and Phil and Alice is insane. We recorded a live session at the Maida Vale studios recently and then went straight up to the radio 1 building that evening to appear as guests on the Phil and Alice show. We were kind of thinking “I can’t believe they are actually letting us in this building to talk on live radio” but we did it and now we want to do it was brilliant.

There are a lot of people giving their opinions on music these days from journos to bloggers to tweeters…. Who has an opinion you care about? Are there particular magazines/people/bands you would love to impress?

We care about everyone’s opinions the same. Unless you don’t like us. Then you can do one.

I was watching an old interview with you and said that with some of your older music you got distracted with hardcore which you didn’t really want to do. Do you feel you have perfected your ‘sound’ or will you always be experimenting?

We’re too positive and good looking to be a hardcore band. Our sound is still changing now. It’s getting less heavy and more dance based. We want every song to be a party anthem!

Exeter’s Idiom and I Divide are also coming through strong now. Why do you think now seems to be your time?

I don’t really think we fit in with the rest of the Exeter music scene. It’s a shame but we’re happy doing our own thing.
How do you think living where you do has shaped the music and attitude of Rat Attack?

Me and Charlie live in the countryside with only sheep for neighbours so we created our own club called “CLUB FUCK YEAH” (as seen in the music video for Heartbeat) where we can get wasted, party and play loud music as much as we want.

You’ve played some festival already this summer, how have they prepared you for your Reading and Leeds performance?
We don’t like to over think the bigger shows cause we’ll get stressed out and fall to pieces so we’ll treat Reading and Leeds the same as any other show. We would rather chill out and not think about it and then after the show we’ll be like “Fuck! We just played Reading and Leeds” and get extra specially wasted afterwards.

Who will you be hoping to buddy up with on the day?

I want to drink whiskey with Chuck Ragan for a bit and then go drink cough syrup with ASAP Rocky.

Who would you most like to see watching you at side of stage?

Iggy Azalea licking her lips.

Have you planned anything special for your R and L performance? (cover/production/guest appearances)

We’ve got a full team of crew for once which is ace so everything should run smoothly for us. I had a nightmare before i even knew we were playing that we were back stage waiting to go on all suited up but Wilson was missing. There was a crowd of people forming so we looked to see what was going on and everyone was watching wilson crawling on the floor in a nappy and sailors hat being sick on himself. So if you see us playing with some random buddy on the base you know what happened.

I’ve read quite a few 9/10 live reviews – can you sum up what you do in one sentence?

We want our shows to be less of a gig and more of a party. Gigs a boring. Everyone loves a good party. The aim is to get everyone smiling, dancing, jumping and crowd surfing and just generally letting go and having some fun. Yolo and all that.

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