Fremantle has quite a close knit music scene. Was is daunting stepping out of that when it first came to touring the likes of America?

Yeah a little, we were all excited to see what other countries thought of our music.

You described the long stint of touring in America as ‘character building’ and potentially ‘traumatic’. Can you give me an insight into the reality of that time on the road…

It’s not easy, there’s long nights and early mornings most days then long drives and repeat. I suppose it might get easier in the future but these tours are definitely character building.

You’ve spoken about being homesick at times (particularly when hungover). What are the main things you miss about home?

It’s not so bad this time, but I miss the weather. I miss my motorbike, my bedroom, sleeping in, etc

Are you able to write on the road or do you need to make a concerted effort to all get together in a studio?

We all write a little on the road but its hard. There’s very little time to get together with instruments.

The Awkward EP was received warmly over here in the UK. What do you think it is about the San Cisco formula that is appealing to us Brits?

I’m not entirely sure. Maybe it’s because your all such awesome people.

You opened for The Vaccines in the US. Did they try and teach you anything about the UK way of life (food, slang, games, TV shows)?

Their guitar tech Gav is from Glasgow, there’s a pretty similar way of live up there as in Australia so it was interesting getting tips from him, especially in that accent.

From watching interviews with you guys, there seems like a lot of fun banter and teasing. Who is the joker and who is the one that takes the bullet most of the time?

Josh is the one liner king. I think we all get our share of teasing.

What would you say you all bring to the band in terms of different personality traits etc?

We’ve been together so long were basically the me person.

You used a graphic of messaging on phones in your video. Can you tell me what messages you think you may be sending each other the night before your Reading and Leeds performance?

“Where are we going for dinner?” “Why is all the beer warm in this country?”

Reading and Leeds festival has become an iconic festival. What have other people/artists told you too expect?

Not too much, just that its am excellent festival!

Have you got anything special planned for the performance (covers/production/guest appearances)?


As music fans who are you hoping to watch and hopefully hunt down and chat to?

It’ll be cool to catch up with the tame guys.

Please tell me something you’ve never told another interviewer before?
I refuse to answer this question.

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