Happy Socks X WeSc

A happy marriage of fashion…

I don’t know about you by I can already feel the affects of S.A.D setting in. The only positive I have managed to glean from Summer to Autumn, aside from having a further excuse to stay in and watch guilty pleasures on the box, is the fact we can purchase new clothes to prepare us for the doom.

So, if buying new cosy jumpers, snuggly socks and wind shielding jackets is our remedy, why not go one step further and ensure you buy the most cheerful of garb out there.

With our mood in mind, Wesc, the Swedish street-wear brand have come together with Happy Socks to create an awesome mini collection called ‘The League of Happy Campers’. The perky capsule collection features the design elements and patterns that are a signature for Happy Socks, combined with the relied upon street styles and elements of the Superlative Conspiracy – presenting a jacket, a knitted jacquard sweater and a pocket t-shirt, combined with a selection of extremely jolly socks!

The items  will be available in the WeSC store from the end of September.

P.S Did you know?

The leader of The League of Happy Campers is none other than Peter Stormare – WeActivist, actor, musician, writer and more than anything: an untrainable happy camper.

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