My interview with Flux Pavilion at Reading Festival (HIT THE FLOOR)

During our weekend at Reading Festival we got to visit to an assortment of dressing rooms, all kitted out in their own unique and occasionally unusual ways. But If we were allowed to takeover one it would have to be Joshua Steele’s, otherwise known as Flux Pavilion. The young English producer and DJ has a hugely successful career that sees him invited to perform at all manner or exotic, glamorous and sunny locations, so it was only right that he try and bring a bit of that lifestyle to Reading. I’ve had bands light up cigarettes (Justice) and munch on gummy bears (Mr Hudson), but this is the first time an interviewee has been brought a Mojito during our chat….and boy did it look delicious. Attempting to remain professional Sophie Eggleton declined indulging in the tropical beverage while asking Flux whether he is any closer to his dream of owning a Segway and working with The Strokes frontman Julian Casablancas, what it was like working with certified ‘pop stars,’ and how he is adapting his live show to show off his many musical skills….

P.S Top notch T-shirt!

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