Happy New Year…


Hey All, Hope you all had a cracker of Christmas. Like me, you are probably pondering the year ahead, and what you hope it will turn out like. I have compiled a very quick list of goals/resolution type things to get myself started in a positive fashion…

To moisturise my body every day

To stop squeezing spots

To watch even more films

To really try and stay positive and not be consumed by the past

To try and not dread my looming 30th birthday

To body brush my thighs in the shower

Try not to expose my vulnerability to people that may abuse it

To be a better friend

To organize some sort of treat for my parents 

To try not to worry so much about what people may think of me

Tell my loved ones I love them more often

To not let the past affect my ability to trust

To use heat protector on my hair

To find a way to spend time with a dog till I can get my own

Try and go to NY

To do another bungee jumper or something a bit wild

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