Fashion Scout Day 1 – Pam Hogg – LumixGM Style Blogging with Panasonic

I wouldn’t cut into my valentines evening for anyone, but Pam Hogg was someone I was willing to delay romantic times for. You can always rely on her show for a punk attitude, sideboob and bum, and models that veer away from the norm, and I wasn’t disappointed this time round. 

The front row chairs were littered with A4 sheets displaying celeb names. I was due to be sitting next to Noel Fielding, but sadly he didn’t turn up. That’s an end to my fantasy new best friend scenario 🙁 . I’m guessing the biblical weather put some people off, but that didn’t stop Pam from attracting the most impressive audience of the day. In fact I’d never felt so smug about being inside Freemasons Hall than last night, looking out on the soggy mass of people outside desperate to come in, willing to stand in the cold and rain for a change to see her sexy catsuits. 

As per usual the show started late, getting every one seated was particularly challenging for this must see show. Luckily we had plenty of people watching to do. Primal Scream’s Bobby Gillespie was front row fashion kissing his male friend attendees. The impressive figure of Daniel Lismore was there, rather more understated that I used to but still captivating with his impressive god like mane of hair. MTV’s Becca Duddy posed in her silver and black Pam Hogg catsuit, showcasing an enviable model figure.

The statement for the show was that this was in tribute to Pussy Riot, and that none of these clothes are for sale, with some of the ‘models’ holding up protest boards as they walked the runway.

Pinks, orange and blue was teamed with metallics on some of her trademark catsuits as well as the ensembles which featured fun oversized pom poms. Rankin’s model wife dared to bare in a sheer and gold number which only had carefully placed blocks of gold to maintain a little bit of modesty. An extremely fabulous model, who had poses that only a diva could produce who a light blue and silver icy example. But before you say that its the same old Pam Hogg style, check out some of the last images below. These theatrical creations were utterly stunning, particularly in this historical space, capturing the light with their gold and layers of translucent material. 

I’ll let the images below do the rest of the talking, but I can confirm it was another triumph for the out-there icon. The energy of the audience was incredible too with people cheering the wonderfully alternative models throughout the show, not feeling they must tone down their enthusiasm for the sights in front of them. 

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