Fashion Scout Day 3 – Basharatyan V – LumixGM Style Blogging with Panasonic

This season’s collection is based on a nature conversation paradise called Heidmark (located in Iceland). It is of no surprise that the display was inspired by a place, as remarkable world locations are a consistent theme for this talent designer. 

The above destination provided a base for the colour palette of the show. We see pale icy blues, neutral creams and greens, contrasted against an almost illumines tomato red – a colour capture in many an Icelandic sunrise. 

The AW 14/15 signature print is based on the incredible valley of Icelandic geysers. The artists have concentrated on the huge blue eye of the geyser spring combined with images of the BASHARATYAN V signature ribbon knit. In wearable and understated hues of stone, peach and green, this particular translation of the brand’s trademark knit makes it more appealing to the safer dresser. 

In terms of discovering clothes I not only want to wear, but probably could wear, this was the winning show for me. I adored the tailoring of the coats, with the slightly ballooned shoulders, and the fluffy trims on the sleeves and lapels. I adored the items in that aforementioned punchy orange/red hue, and even more when set against a nude base. The print maxi dress clung at all the right places and there was a pair of checkered charcoal slacks that fitted like a dream. The Grey cable knit jumper with the translucent mesh back has also made it on to my unrealistic wish list.

Images were taken on a LumixGM1

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