Fashion Scout Day 3 – Mimi Fasi – LumixGM Style Blogging with Panasonic

Mimi Fasi aka Miriam Fahsi, is known for her use of unique fabrics inspired by her Mediterranean origins. She tries to combine shapes and styles associated with tradition and heritage, with modern elegance and graphic avant-gardism.

After this show, many of my blogger friends expressed their love for the show. I was slightly surprised as I had a rather more mixed opinion. 

Let’s start with the successes of the collection. The sixties and seventies have been a prevalent theme throughout this season’s shows, and the beehives on display here were a lovely part of that movement. That said, the overall aesthetic was nearer to the 50/60’s era in terms of sihouettes. The outfits were classy and playful, and with their bright colours definitely achieved the designer’s aim of creating a synthesis for the modern woman wishing to stand out in the dreary concrete jungle of today’s global cities. My favourite outfits were those that combined multiple intricate and colourful prints together – a top combined with an print orange knee length skirt was particularly lovely. 

Unfortunately the show was let down by its styling. Some of the shoes didn’t seem to work with the outfits they were chosen for, and whether they were or not, felt a bit ‘high street.’

For me some of the fabrics used have negative connotations too. I always associate crepe satin with eighties occasion wear (usually featuring huge shoulder pads), and silks featuring large and colourful prints can feel a tad cheap if not executed correctly. 

Mediterranean Poetry was the show’s title, but for me it didn’t always rhyme. 

Images were taken on a LumixGM1

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