Fashion Scout Day 4 – Zeynep Tosun – LumixGM Style Blogging with Panasonic

I have to admit I wasn’t overly familiar with the designs of the Instanbul designer. I must also confess that due to relative peace of the Freemason’s Hall on this Monday, I wasn’t particularly confident we were in for an impressive display. I was pleased to be proven wrong. 

The A/W 2014 collection by this hotly topped Turkish designer ended up being one of my favourites of the week. Titled ‘Oxidised’, colours of burn, rust and autumn are prevalent. There is ice refreshment courtesy of the icy blue ensembles. It is as if she has covered both of your coldest seasons via her palette. 

There was a definite 1970′ silhouette, but it maintained a modern feel thanks to the quirky additions and design details – the oversized pom poms, eyelets, skullcaps and industrial hooks.

One of the most wearable shoes of the week come in the form of the chocolate brown ankle block heel boots, which allow for all the models to strut down the runway with purpose and ease. 

Stand out pieces from the collection included the print puffa style jacket, leather utility waistcoat, and the wide legged overalls ( or dungarees as we call them over here). I’m not saying I’d wear these dungarees, with my stumpy legs the crop/wide leg style would be far from flattering, but I will definitely be taking inspiration from the texture combinations and styling. 

Zeynep Tosun’s partnership with Turkish leather Brand Deri Taniyum Grubu for these designs was highly successful in showcasing to the fashion crowd the quality craftsmanship behind her country’s leather. The use of such robust and rich fabrics – such as thick leather, brocade and wool crepe – also enhance the luxurious nature of the collection. It felt expensive, but not in a cool and understated way. 

Previous work by the designer, who spent time honing her skills at the likes of Alberta Ferretti and Dice Kayek, has been worn and applauded by artists and worldwide icons such as Lady Gaga. 

If the reaction to this show is anything to go by, even more famous faces will be flocking to this talented designer. 

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