Outfit Post – NME AWARDS

Hair – Diluted The Big Pink with conditioner and put in streak and dips through-out. Used Nicky Clarke Flexi Stylers to create curls and waves – messy tendrils. Poured some styling powder into the roots so I could give it a volume boost throughout the night if needed.

This works great at achieving that root boost we are all after – but just be prepared for your hair to feel a bit crispy and dry. I should also tell you that it will require a double wash to get it out.

The Make – Up

I wasn’t expecting much from a Little Mix Mascara if I am honest. Don’t get me wrong, I love the girls, but these celebrity products tend to be less about being a quality product and more about the branding. I was pleasantly surprised in this case. The thin brush is great for accuracy and getting to the roots of your lashes and corners of your eyes. The formula is smooth and doesn’t get goopy unlike many others I’ve tried. The only negative is that it isn’t waterproof so if you party hard and fall asleep in your make up you will wake with extreme panda eyes. 

This was recommended by a beauty blogger friend Lucy Freeman. It goes on beautifully and makes your skin look very youthful, masking lines and pores with magical effect. Its coverage is better than I thought, but I still needed to add concealer to areas of dark acne scarring. The overall finish is luxurious and matt, and lasts well. 

I love a gel liner, but they can be a tad expensive. This time I opted for the relatively affordable Maybelline version which comes with it’s own brush. Unfortunately the brush wasn’t precise enough for me – I wasn’t able to achieve a crisp flick or slim line. The gel formula was pretty good, but don’t leave the lid off for too long as it will dry and get a bit flaky!

In summary I’d say it is pretty good for the price. 

This glides on the lip incredibly easily and feels very silky and moisturising. The colour is lovely and vivid too. The colour stays on well but unfortunately the formula is drying over time.

Dungarees by River Island

Studded Shirt by Zara

Necklace by Empty Casket

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