Bleach London – Blonde Ambition

The Result

The Inspiration….

Apparently the pictures I showed Loren at Bleach were all quite different in technical terms, so involved dip dye, others all over colours, some darkening the roots, and others highlights. After a discussion about whose look I wanted the most (Blake Lively) and about the practicalities (like upkeep) we opted for half head of highlights using bright blonde and golden tones. 

I was very pleased with the result, as it found the balance of looking more dramatic than my natural tone but not so bright that it couldn’t be a natural sun bleached affect. They were my first ever highlights, so I was a bit fearful I’d end up with that ever so nineties stripe aesthetic. I needn’t have worried, Loren is an expect, and she coloured such small strands with each colour that it looked like the natural variance you find in blonde hair. 

A week into the transformation…

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