Jumping on the Purple Band-wagon

Yes I know, since Nicole Richie accepted Kelly Osbourne’s dare to go purple all the beauty and celebrity blogs have posted how to tutorials. I am aware it looks like I am following suit, but I have honestly wanted to have a lilac hue for a while now. Followers of this blog will know that in recent months I have gone peach, rose pink and tangerine…….but now it was time for me dance in the purple rain.

I don’t have really light blonde hair so these colours are never quite as vivid or dramatic as they could be. I have lots of potentially important meetings coming up so I didn’t want to be overly bright in the hair department on this occasion anyway.

I was going to use turning lilac as an excuse to try and new colouring product, in the shape of Fudge Paint Box Colours. To ensure I achieved a soft lilac rather than a deep purple I bought some cheap conditioner (although mixing with their Whiter Shade of Pale product would be preferred) and mixed it with a dollop of the colour. I also wanted to achieve a tie dye/streaky look rather than an allover even colour so made sure I applied it a bit randomly.

I left it in for the minimum specified time of 15 minutes. When my hair was wet it looked really dark so I was a tad worried. Thankfully when I dried by hair the result colour was the tone I had wanted.

Overall it was extremely easy to do, the product smelled nice and the result was exactly what I wanted. I huge thumbs up for my first try with Fudge.

P.S Since this dye job I have used the product to create a dip dye effect, which works extremely well, just make sure you try and blend!

Get this  look with FUDGE Paintbox £11.25 & Whiter Shade of Pale £9.25 www.fudge.com

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