How to – Retro Rolls

I am dreadful at doing anything more complicated than straightening my hair, so I have never tried any of the intricate looking retro looks that I often admire.

I was having a particularly dull day, so thought I’d give one a go under the bracket of ‘you never know.’

1. To start with I curled my day old hair (always easier to style slightly dirtier hair) with my GHD’s in the usual fashion.

2. I then put the back section of my hair into a simple low ponytail so it was out of the way. 

3. Next I divided the front section of my hair in two. I opted for a side parting as I thought a centre would make me look like I was growing horns.

4. I put some curvy grips by the parting of the side I wasn’t rolling first – just so hairs didn’t get caught up from the wrong side of the parting.

5. I backcombed the side I was going to roll first and sprayed some dry shampoo into the root to give it a manageable texture.

6. Pulling the hair up and away from the skull I then rolled up with hair.

7. Once it lands on the top of the head, manipulate till it looks like a roll you are happy with.

8. Secure with curby grips! 

9.Repeat for the other side.

10. Remove the back ponytail and brush through….

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