Hawsmoor Sevel Dials – Review

Last Friday I took Simon out for dinner for his 30th Birthday… I thought I’d let him review the night….

my girlfriend surprises me on a pre-birthday meal in town, and I’m
pretty stoked when I see I’m being taken out for a steak at Hawksmoor,
even more so as it’s a first time at this restaurant.

impressions? As soon as you step in to the restaurant, you are
immediately greeted by warm, polite and friendly staff. The decor is
what you would expect from a high end steak restaurant; Copious amounts
of wood flooring, modern but traditional stylings from the tables, to
the bar area, to the brick curved ceilings and black painted metal
fastenings. I really like how they have kept a lot of the original
features of the old Watney-Combe brewery as it really blends well with
the atmosphere of the restaurant. Looking over at what people are
eating, I get excited about what the menu has to offer.

up, we get drinks. Soph get’s the Green Apple and Mint Sizzler, and I
get the Classic Old Fashioned. The house bourbon is Wild Turkey, which
is the one used in my Old Fashioned and it goes down a right treat with
the fresh orange rind. The sizzler is zesty and refreshing with the
taste of green apple coming really coming through.

to the Steaks. It’s nice to see a lot of choice on the boards and on the
menu, and if you’re a proper steak guru, you would probably appreciate
the vast amount of choice given in this restaurant, but I stick to the
individual pre-selected choices on the menu, and go for the 300g Rib
Eye. Definitely getting my fair share of beef with this beauty! The
waitress recommends sharing the sides, as they apparently quite generous
in the servings. There’s 3 of us, so we get the Triple Cooked Chunky
Chips, Baked Sweet Potato, Creamed Spinach and the Herb Garden Salad. It
also has to be said at this point, it was apparent that our waitress,
Louise seemed very helpful and informative, without being forceful or
annoying. So far, no criticism whatsoever.

comes out within 20 or so minutes from ordering which was pretty
impressive considering it was peak time on a Friday night, and all signs
showing that it was getting busier by the second. SO, it looks amazing,
and on first bite you know it’s first grade beef as it melts in your
mouth. The next 10-15 minutes, I’m literally in beef heaven. I know it
may seem exaggerated, but this is probably one of the best steaks I’ve
ever had. Not just the meat, the sides are equally enjoyable. The triple
cooked chips, are soft inside and crunchy on the outside, the baked
sweet potato with the sweet taste of maple on the skin, creamed spinach
seasoned well and creamier than you would expect, and the mint/parsley
garden salad is refreshing and compliments the richness very well. Also,
we managed to get the perfect amount of food. If I had gone for a
starter, I would have probably felt pretty horrendous at this point.

off topic, but earlier in the evening I ask my girlfriend if she has
any unexpected surprises up her sleeve as I’m nooooo a fan of them. She
and mum assure me, there aren’t any and told me not to worry and to
enjoy the evening. I trust them. So after my thoroughly enjoyable main
meal, this happens…

having to endure 30 seconds of birthday humiliation in front of the
whole restaurant, and a breakout of nervous forehead perspiration, I am
blown away by this insane cake! The biggest bacon cheeseburger cake I’ve
ever seen which get’s everyone looking around to see what it actually
is. I notice some people actually looking over and asking the waiters
what it is I’m having! Brilliant. We put this aside, and ask for the
desserts. Out comes the salted caramel tart, and it’s a rich and
heavenly as you can probably imagine.

tucking into this little bit of heaven, I am definitely on the verge of
exploding. I ended up having to share this out as I pussied out, a
third into the dessert and had to get everyone else to help.

the whole, this was probably one of the best steak restaurants I’ve ever
been to, insanely good actually. However, you wouldn’t really expect
anything less when your faced with the hefty bill at the end but worth
every penny based on the food/service/atmosphere and the location of the
restaurant. It’s the kind of place you wanna go to on rare occasions,
to really treat yourself or someone else when you can, so you can really
appreciate it. A great night. A big shout out to Lucy Hand
@Handmadecakes for the incredible burger cake!

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