Red Bull Studios X Download – Interview with Vanity Draws


Potted history of the band…

Formed in late 2010 by a group of mates influenced by the current state of metal were eager to crack the music scene and make their own mark. 

Changes of band members resulted in the current line up since 2012. We released our debut ep ‘I Witness’ on the 28th January 2014 and a video for the single release ‘Greed’ on March 31st 2014. Shared the stage with Silent Screams, Malevolence, Heights, Polar, No Consequence and more. Now focusing on booking gigs and touring as much as possible to spread the word.

Mission statement of the band?

We want to continue playing to new audiences and with bands who inspire us. Also we focus our aim to create music for fans that is unique and refreshing.

Dream collaboration?

Matty Mullins, Memphis May Fire vocalist 

Stage you’d most like to play?

KoKo, Camden

Recently played on your iPods? 

Northlane – Dispossession

Song that changed your life or made you want to go into music…

Nirvana – Aneurysm. Such a raw powerful song that completely changed my perspective on what music can potentially be! 

Favourite lyric (by another artist)?

Wake up from the nightmare and become the dream – Northlane. 

Best lyric from one your songs?

My time has come to fall and it’s by the hand of someone I once knew

Who would you most like to tour with and why?

Sworn In, a band that have created music like no other I can think of.

Most likely headline to accompany a story about your band

Cutting silence with a hammer…

Least likely headline……

Band decide jazz funk is their calling

Sum up your sound in one sentence…

Melodic guitars layered over bouncy breakdowns create an upbeat movement inducing sound accompanied with catchy choruses.

An interesting fact about you….

Broke my nose running into a lamppost once

Dream rider requests….

Bowls full of bubblegum and cinnamon jelly beans, a simple but beautiful dream

If we play Download we will (finish the sentence)

Prove that we can put on a professional and entertaining show that people will remember and want to come back a see again !


Dream collaboration? 

Periphery would be amazing, i have massive respect for them and they have had a big influence on my style.

Stage you’d most like to play? 

It would have been awesome to play the Astoria is London before it got shut down, I saw a lot of my favourite bands there otherwise it would have to be the 02 arena.

Recently played on your iPod? 

Souvenirs – Novalists. My favourite song at the moment, huge sound with some equally big vocal lines and guitar melodys.

Song that changed your life or made you want to go into music… 

Red Hot Chili Peppers – Californication was the first song I ever learnt on guitar, a friend of mine taught me a few chords and once I had that down i decided to give it a try, it was fun to play and quick to learn. I progressed from there, playing Red Hot Chili Peppers and then tried more heavier music like Linkin Park (Hybrid Theory Album) and Korn.

Favourite lyric (by another artist)? 

A Day To Remember – “Disrespect you surroundings!” Good song, good times, good memories.

Best lyric from one your songs? 

“We won’t retreat, we won’t taste defeat” – Purgatory. This is one of my favourite lines as its gang vocals. and recordng and performng it live makes me feel proud of what we have achieved, as we all chant it together. It gives a feeling of unison and that we are all in this together.

Who would you most like to tour with and why?

I would really like to tour with While She Sleeps, they are another band that has had influence in my music and seeing them live they know how to get the crowd going and have fun, and to have that kind of experience would be fantastic.

An interesting fact about each member

I have 13 guitar hero controllers, one of them is a full sized BC Rich Warbeast guitar controller and all the games that were released on playstation as well as drums and mics…….. i really liked guitar hero.


Dream collaboration…

Roughton reynolds. 

Stage id most like to play…

Koko camden. 

Recently played song on my iPod
Playma, Crackdown. 

Songs that changed your life and made you want to get into Music….

Brian Eno (An ending). 

Best lyric by another artist…

You point the finger but the failure is your own, you bite the hand that fucking feeds you !!!!!! 

Best lyric from one of your songs 

This war with yourself is taken control, and the air that im breathing is taking its toll

iwould love to tour with enter shikari as they seem like a good bunch of guys and share the same passion we do….MUSIC

I like to have candles lit whilst I sleep


Dream collaboration: SCROUBIOUS PIP 

Stage I’d most like to play..

Brixton academy 

Last playes on the iPod..
Emerald Blue – For The Fallen Dreams

Song that got me in to heavy music…

Hells Bells: ACDC

Song that changed my life…

Everlong – Foo Fighters 

Favorite lyric..

Zak Brown Band – “the bar tender told me it was time to go, I told him that he could lick my sack”

Dream tour...

I would love to tour with Parkway Drive because they have been instrumental in getting in to heavy music since an early age

Interesting fact: I sell houses and I have webbed toes


Dream collaboration?

Intervals, loving their new take on the progressive scene so it would be a dream to work with such talented musicians! 

Stage you’d most like to play?

Definitely London Koko!! Beautiful venue, big sound! 

Recently played on iPod? 

Shades Of Black – Face of the skies. Loving the Arabic feel of this guys music at the moment!

Favourite lyric?

Sworn in – hypocrisy. “The sympathy symphony never seems to end” 

Most like to tour with..

Betraying the Martyrs, serious love for their music right now!!

An interesting fact about you…

My nipples face inwards and only come out when it’s cold…

Dream rider…

200 bananas so I can build a fort around luke whilst he sleeps (he really really doesn’t like bananas!!)


Dream collaboration?

After the burial

Stage you’d most like to play?

Koko in camden or 02 islington main stage

Recently played on your iPods?

Heart of a coward – Monstro

Song that changed your life or made you want to go into music…

As blood runs black – my fears have become phobias

Favourite lyric (by another artist)?

Northane – Genesis “I can be the dreamer I can, I am”

Best lyric from one your songs?

Its like a swarm of vultures have come to collect the pickings from the dead.

Who would you most like to tour with and why?


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