Red Bull Studios X Download – Interview with Sinners Highway

Potted history of the band…

We formed in late 2011, subsequently selling out the infamous rock city basement with our debut EP release. We have toured the U.K, played festivals such as Hit the Deck and Splendour, and are soon to go into the studio to record our new release.

Mission statement of the band?

Produce great music, meet new people, rock out and get huge bangovers – but most of all HAVE FUN!

Dream collaboration?

Sinners Highway Feat. Sam Carter, Oli Sykes, Dustin Kensrue, Hayley Williams, Jonny Nelson and Myles Kennedy.

Stage you’d most like to play?

We’d absolutely love a crack at Download/Reading/Leeds main stages!

Recently played on your iPods?

Architects, Bring Me The Horizon, Thrice, Lana Del Rey, Britt Nicole. Paramore, Papa Roach, Jessie J, Three Days Grace.

Song that changed your life or made you want to go into music…

Music has always been a natural part of every member in the band, but a life changer for me (Simon Ross – vocals) would have to be ‘Shadow Moses’ by Bring Me The Horizon. That song led me to ‘Sempiternal’ and that album gave me the inspiration I needed to get my head straight.

Favourite lyric (by another artist)?

One life. One Chance. The world in front of me – Architects.

Best lyric from one your songs?

Your thoughts are tied up. By chains. In your mind. – Art Of A Coward.

Who would you most like to tour with and why?

WOW – hard question there’s too many!

Don Broco, they’re amazing performers; we’ve met them once and they were real nice guys and we think it would be an amazingly fun experience.

Architects. Although they are heavier than us, Architects are a massive influence, and so we have studied them quite closely and feel almost on the same page as them when it comes to being in a professional band.

Most likely headline to accompany a story about your band

ALEX – Drums from ‘SINNERS HIGHWAY’ in hospital in a critical condition from terrible diet of fast food, fags and energy drinks.

Least likely headline……

Tim Everington – Lead Guitar from ‘SINNERS HIGHWAY’ gains muscle mass.

Sum up your sound in one sentence…

Massive array of influences ranging from Alter Bridge and Black Stone Cherry to Architects and Bring Me The Horizon; huge drums, guitars and bass, soaring vocals and catchy melodies.

An interesting fact about each member….

Simon – Lucky to be alive and almost unscathed despite being in 4 serious car crashes.

Tim – Epic footballer.

Alex- Still alive despite super unhealthy diet.

Curt- Has done live sound for some big acts (Twin Atlantic, Brontide, Amber Run etc.)

Jaemar- From the very north of the Philippines, pretty sick free-runner and Kingpin manager of YO YO noodle bars UK.

Dream rider requests….

Unlimited red bull like at Red Bull Studios! ChateauBriand on the bone, cooked medium rare with bernaise sauce, new potatoes, green beans shallots and bacon, masses of Solan water, personal masseuse each, showers and plenty of teabags, milk, sugar and a sick kettle!

If we play Download…

We will be absolutely overwhelmed, we will make sure our set is not forgotten! It would be great to launch our new material off the back of Download and it could be the start of something extremely special for Sinners! YOU can help by voting!

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