Red Bull Studios X Download – Interview with Adelphia

Potted history of the band. 

In short we all met through friends and word of mouth but nick and Rik founded Adelphia via an online musicians ad site 

Mission statement of the band?

We want to put out the music we’ve been wanting to hear and that’s what comes naturally when we write or material.

We want to show that we mean business and have a point to prove. 

Dream collaboration. 

If it could be any collaboration we’d love to do a song with James from Deaf Havana.

Stage you’d most like to play.

It’s difficult to pick a specific stage, but if we had to pick a stage, it would probably be Wembley Arena. It’s the stage every musician wants to play! 

Recently played on your iPods. 

We’ve been listening to a lot of The 1975 recently, they’ve such a cool new sound.

Song that changed your life or made you want to go into music. 

Rik: First date-Blink 182 + Sum 41 – Fat Lip

Jay : Rise Against – Prayer of the Refugee

Favourite lyric. 

Any by Jesse Lacey, Josh Franceschi, Alex turner or James Veck Gilodi

Best lyric from one of your songs.

All this time life is a line and we’re all queuing up to die

Who would you most like to tour with. 

We’d love to tour with Paramore, or Blink-182. They seem like awesome people and we all take influence from them in different ways so to be able to tour with them would be awesome!

Most likely headline to accompany a picture of the band.

Hard hitting melodic rock songs with smooth toned vocals 

Least likely headline. 

Bunch of arrogant dicks who know nothing about music 

Sum up your sound in one sentence. 

Polished melodic alternative rock 

Interesting fact about each member. 

Jay plays bass right handed, but is actually left handed

Rik is scared of saturating his photos

Nick is an agony aunt

Joe’s real name is Jordan 

Dream rider requests

Unlimited chicken; that’s all we need.

If we play Download we will…

If we play download we will put on the best performance we can and prove that we deserve to be on that stage!

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