am sure because of your fashion industry contacts and celebrity profile
since MIC you have oodles of opportunities and potential collaborations
thrown your way. Why was this the right one for you and how did it come

Illustrated People and I
have worked together in the past and it seemed like the perfect fit to
work on this collaboration.  I was really lucky to be given creative
control by the team there.

Can you describe the process of putting together the collection from start to launch….

I ordered a load of
Japanese stuff and researched their product, toys and trends.  I
photographed graphics I loved, and played around with them on photoshop.
 The next process was to layer the imagery to create my own unique
prints.  Once the product was designed, I then started working on the
shoot, looking for the perfect models and team to work on hair and make

Can you describe the images on the mood moods and the brainstorms created ahead of this collection?

So many images and graphics!  Japanese iconography and imagery, sickly candy colour tones and Japanese packaging featured.

are extremely accomplished in photography and styling, but how easy was
it to translate your passion and knowledge for fashion into creating

was great to learn the process of creating prints but visually I found
it easy as I have been planning this collection in my head for years! 

Did you create the sketches and artwork yourself?

I worked with Kelly Anna from Illustrated People. Creating the artwork was a joint process.

collection is inspired by the vibrant Tokyo fashion scene. This is very
popular with stylists and bloggers. How were you going to ensure your
take on the theme was unique?

I came up with the unique idea and I have kept it very personal to me.   

Were there any other themes that were considered before you decided on the Japanese infusion? 

No, it was always going to be a Japanese theme.  I knew I wanted to do this before I was approached.

well as the designs you styled and shot the lookbook. That’s a lot of
work. Did you feel that necessary to achieve exactly what you had
pictured it all to look like. How are you at relinquishing control in

I wanted to do this all myself.  If I have a vision, I need to create it myself.

is always scary putting anything you have put your heart and soul into
out into the public. How do you cope with people sharing their opinion
on work that you do?

have had the most amazing feedback, however I do like criticism. I
believe in this collection so if someone said something negative, that
is their opinion but I think the range is fantastic!   

have worked with some fashion icons ( Mario Testino, Grace Coddington) Can you
share something from those experiences?

Each shoot has been very unique and it has been a pleasure to work with so many incredible people.

the fashion industry you often have to do a lot of unpaid work and
internships. Can you tell me about your career path to this point, the ups and downs?

started working at a couture house at the age of 16 in my summer
holidays then I worked at Conde Nast.  As soon as I could, I was test
shooting every weekend. I worked very hard!  

If you could see one person wearing your designs who would it be?

Azelia Banks 

So we can be ahead of the game, can you give us your fashion trend predictions for the coming year…..

Tracksuits and basketball shorts and mid naughties inspired outfits.

Trend you wish would disappear…..

Ugly shoes such as Uggs and Crocs 

Favourite designers… 

Meadham Kirchhoff

Style icons…

Wednesday Adams

Hidden shopping gems you can share….

I do most of my shopping on ebay

I admire your attitude to dressing. You don’t seem like a slave to trends, have fun with it, and take risks. What is your mantra when it comes to your style? What is your biggest faux pas to date do you think?

Wear what you want but dont follow trends that dont flatter your shape. 

Biggest Faux pas? 

Getting layering wrong can happen when im tired but I usually like what I wear.

If you dream scenario could come true, where would your career go from here?

Become Creative Director at Topshop

If you could give someone a make-over who would it be? Would you be gentle or blunt?

Angelina Jolie would look amazing with pink hair!

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