Yep, I am of a certain age when home-ware store are highly exciting destinations. I lust for trips to IKEA, watch old episodes of the likes of LOCATION, LOCATION, LOCATION on 4OD, and find myself choosing to spend my very meagre amount of spare cash on bits and bobs, odds and sods, for my bedroom (and my future spacious apartment – I wish). 

I have been wanting to get a zig zag print cushion for ages, but have struggled to find one in my price range – I was on the verge of buying ones from Not On The High Street and Idea. I have had a love affair for combining these bold simple prints with more colourful intricate ones having fallen for the beautiful interior design of my friend Mike’s wife, Amber Lewis. 

I had seen these Primark ones posted on Twitter and was thrilled at the prospect of adding them to my ever-growing population of bed cushions – they are quite literally taking over. 

I must admit they were a lot smaller than the picture had me believe, but they were bloomin’ cute so got a black and yellow one for an extremely pleasing £3 each. 

One peeve though….Why do brands insist on putting these huge visible labels on things – I have so many items of clothes that have really itchy or thoughtless label placement. I know we can cut them off, but sometimes they are in places that really risk damage – plus should we really have to spend time unstitching?? 

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