My dinner date was delayed last night, so I had some time to kill in Waterloo…which always results in some naughty purchases in BOOTS. I’m quite lazy when it comes to doing my make up, I pretty much stick to the basics, changing up my regime very rarely. One part that is generally omitted from my routine is the lips. I feel like I’m one of those people that can’t take too much make up. I always feel like I look like a man in drag – perhaps its because of my strong Bruce Forsyth jaw?!

I love that sixties beauty look with the bold lashes and pale lip, so thought I’d buy a nude lip which may allow me to achieve this, or at least attempt it. 

I know with objects of this size I am likely to lose them so I just can’t allow myself to spend more than about £5 on a lipstick, so everyone’s favourite MAC shades were out of the question. Also I know that the majority of the time the lipstick will reside on me teeth, so I resent forking out oodles of money to look ridiculous. 

So after testing a few on my hand I settled on an affordable one by SEVENTEEN.

The formula feels quite wet on the lips and on first swipe doesn’t seem very rich in colour. I put on another layer and that gave me the density of colour I was after. Due to the fact it is a subtle/light colour, the fact that it is so moveable on the lips is a bit of an issue. The colour can become somewhat inconsistent. I feel like I may have picked the wrong nude tone for my colouring, as it feels too close to the shade of my actual skin, which in turn gives me a washed-out appearance. 

This may work better for me if I line the lips, so that I can create some definition between my skin and lips. The big plus point for this lipstick is the silky feel it has on your lips…I just think it wasn’t quite what I was after. The hunt for the ideal nude for me continues….

P.S I do like the shiny/matte design on the outside of the lipstick, it looks pretty high end for an relatively cheap stick. 

Of course, it is near impossible to come away with just one item when you are faced with the expanse of glorious colours displayed in these shops…so I thought I’d also purchase a more vivid colour. I have seen a lot of people opting for orangey tones on their lips lately, and I find it a refreshing change from classic red…..

 BARRY M-54 

The formula of the lipstick feels extremely moisturising and it glides on to the lip very easily. Due to the fact it is quite creamy it does move around on the lip when you pushing your lips together which can affect the evenness of the colour. As the colour is quite dense though it isn’t too much of an issue. This orangey peach colour is great addition to your make up collection because it can fit in with all seasons outfits. It adds a nice punch to neutral or monochrome looks in the winter, but will also look great with summery prints. It doesn’t have a scent and hasn’t made me sneeze yet, which is a rarity for me. All round it is a great value lipstick and I would recommend a purchase, but in terms of personal preference I currently prefer lipsticks with a completely matte finish. 

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