Christabel’s Botanical Bar

 For thoes that know or have followed me on social media/blogs for a while will be aware of my dietry/health problems but also my current lack of interest in fitness and healthy. 

I put on half a stone over Christmas, but instead of worrying about losing the weight in drastic fashion I am in fact thinking that I may as well enjoy the extra insulation while its still chilly out, and worry about it come Bikini season. That said, it doesn’t mean I can’t think about cleansing my inside if there is an enjoyable way of doing so….and there may just be!

mobile bar with an inbuilt herb garden where they make all of their own herbal syrups. The company are doing a series of ‘detox cocktail’ themed
events – which is focused around making a detox fun, and enlightening
people to the fact that cocktails CAN be healthy (using the ingredients
that we do). If you want to learn how to carry on creating these cleansing cocktails at the home, they are also kindly offering cocktail masterclasses.

For those that relate to my repel of all things healthy you may too be interested in this technique of doing your body some good.

2015 Detox Cocktails :

‘Cleanse’ – Chamomile, Vodka, Rosemary & Tonic

‘Fire Fuel’ – Mint, Fiery Ginger Beer, Chilli & Gin

‘Superdrink’ – Maca, Rose, Thyme, Lime & Tequila

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