Get Physical In Primark

I am going to start with a confession. I have not started the year with any sort of fitness resolution. I have no intention of increasing my exercise regime from its current level of nothing. That said I love to be comfortable. I love the feeling of taking of my mascara at the end of the day and that is the only thing that rivals the pure joy of removing your bra. Seeing as I spend so much time working/slopping about at home, it seems pointless wearing a restrictive and chafing underwired push up bra when I could be letting the girls/puppies have a supportive hug via a sports bra.

So I went in and found this bright peachy number and put it straight in my basket. Of course this isn’t where my Primark trip ended. Let’s face it, it never ends with one drop in the basket. A few more items made the cut including the green hoodie and grey shorts. 

Sports Bra £3

Shorts £4

Hoodie £7

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