Shopping in Kingston primarily to buy a new TV (myself and Simon put all our Christmas money together for the purchase) and a pair of skinny jeans from Primark. Mission one was completed at John Lewis, and the Jean buying went very well….I say very well, but too well is probably a better decscription. I came away with 5 pairs, 2 hoodies, 2 sports bras and some socks. That’s just the way it goes in PRIMARK. 

On route back to the car park, weighed down with the large brown logo’d bags we were stopped in our tracks by the shopfront allure of a new store called HEMA.  It looked all gloriously bright, airy and organised – the polar opposite to my home. 

Just to help you imagine what its like, imagine MUJI as if they were having a colour themed party. It has a bit of everything: stationary, storage, make up, homewares and random bits and bobs great for gifting. 

I’m never sure about buying make up from places that aren’t primarly producers of make up. I can’t help but think they are just trying to cash in, and perhaps haven’t put the effort and expertise into ensuring the quality is good. That said, I had been wanting a yellow polish for a while, and there was one popping out in front of me with an extremely attractive £2.50 price tag. 

Now for the review bit….

I like the clean and simple packaging, sometimes less is more. It went on relatively smoothly, but after one coat it was still very transparent. It kinda look like I just had yellow tinged nails…like some sort of fungal infection, or like when your nails are stained from wearing a colour for too long. It was only by the fourth coat that I was happy with the coverage, but it could still benefit from another coat. It dried relatively fast so is good for those on the go, but not if you feel it necessary to do numerous coats. I loved the colour – I had been looking for a pale, creamy yellow rather than than acid or neons that had been so prevalent. 

Two days on, the nails are in pretty good shape with very minimal chipping. All in all I’d say it was ok, particularly for the price, but there is definitely better products out there.


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