My New Years Outfit Of The Day


For the first time in years I chose to actually celebrate at new years, which meant actually socialising! Yes, can you believe it? I actually went to a party? A temporary hiatus from my hermit ways or a new way of life for 2015? Time will tell….

Ok so aswell as abandoning my usual routine of creating a crumb city in my bed on new years eve, I also had to adopt a new aesthetic. No towelling dressing gown and tooth paste on my face this year. I HAD to wear a dress. I was told this was compulsery if I was to attend the shindig. I know many use this night as an excuse to go all out – glitter, sequinns, colour etc. I wasn’t quite ready for that, so opted for saftey in black. I added a bit of vavavoom via my new furry boots and some sparkly eyeshadow. I also decided body con would not be the way to go. Its not because I didn’t want to try and look a bit shexy, but because I knew that the hosts of the party were putting on quite a spread, and I didn’t want to limit my belly capacity. Generally you will find me by the buffet at most event, and this proved to be one thing that hadn’t changed since my last venture in socialising. 

Anyhoo, enough waffling. It turned out to be a cracking night, with lots of lovely faces dancing to some questionable music. A smashing end to what has been a tough year…again. Cheers to 2015!!

 Violette Blazer Dress Black £34.99  MISSGUIDED

Poppy Chiffon Eyelash Lace Sleeve Swing Dress Black  



 Polar Jacket/Off White Beginning Boutique



The Coven Amethyst Trio Necklace £20  Empty Casket

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