One for the Dog Lovers out there….

So I am finally up and about after this particularly horrendous bout of sickness, and who was there to welcome me back to the land of the living, my favourite curly friend Rosie the Cockapoo. 

Although I like to think I might be like a part time mum to this noodley cutie, I am sadly not her proper mummy (obviously not her birth one, I mean I’m not her official human mum).

Rosie and I had our first meeting last year when she was still a very small pup, and it was love (and cuddles) and first sight. We came together thanks to the website Borrow My Doggy. If you are not familiar with this websites and a dog lover/owner you must check it out immediately. Unfortunately I am not in a position to be able to own a dog and give it the life it deserves, but I have always wanted a dog and have a lot of love and care to offer on a part time basis. This site allows you to make your position known the dog owners nearby that may need an extra hand looking after their beloved pooches – perhaps due to ill health, work duties, holidays or hobbies. 

The first doggy we met was a handsome chap called Milo who is Beagle. He loves to walk and sniff…everything. He is great with other dogs, and a very gently peaceful dog, aside from when he wants treats and does his very cute/loud Beagle howl! We had thought a Beagle may be the dog we’d choose eventually to own, so thought this would be a great way of getting familiar with the breed. We adore Milo, but we now know that we are looking for a more needy, affectionate dog. 

Next we met the majestic Albert, the weimaraner. We have always thought they are beautiful looking dogs, with that stunning grey velvety looking coat, so were intrigued to find out what the breed was like, personality wise. We were shocked when Bert arrived, he was huge, it felt like we were looking after a small horse. He was gentle though and liked a play. It was clear that he was a bit frightened being separated from his owner. He had warned us that the breed our known for their loyalty and dependance on their owners and had earned the nickname ‘Velco’ for their need to be closeby.

Albert would run to and from the gate repeatedly to see if he could see his owner, which was sad to see, and it was hard work to try and keep him distracted. It would work in the end and we would get him to a relaxed place by the time he was due to be picked up. Once again we learned some valuable information to draw on when we eventually are in a position to own our own dog. We hope to see Albert again soon, but realise we can only do so when the weather is better, as are house isn’t suitable to accommodate such a huge creature!

So, at the moment a cockatoo, with its loving temperament, hypo allogenic fur, and size, seems like a good choice for our future pet. 

Its amazing what the affection of a dog can do for your mood. It really is like the best kind of therapy….

Enjoy some more pics of the adorable Rosie….

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