So I was planning to do lots of videos and outfit posts today then I woke up to the news that there was no water running in the house. A quick panic about the fact that I couldn’t wash, and that my hair looked diabolical, I went in search of the saviour that is dry shampoo. Ok, so that put an end to the grease problem, but there was still major bed head erratic kinks so it was going to have to be an up-do today. You know its desperate times when I do this, as I hate to expose my oversized ears. 

Anyhoo, looking glamorous was off the agenda so I think I’d just go for comfort. Luckily I’d just got this grey Cozy jumper from Cheer Up which would be the perfect top for my loungy day. 

I think its in the sale now, so hurry up if you don’t wanna miss out on this cutey. 

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