Mmmmmm Pizza, glorious pizza. There’s not much better is there. By the looks of all the products on sale these days regarding humans love for the cheese/tomato combo I know I am not alone. Can you imagine talking to someone and finding out they didn’t like pizza…I think I’d find that information hard to digest….

So last night I went to one of my fave pizza haunts, PIZZA EAT in Shoreditch, with my friend Grant. He had bestowed the responsibility on me to pick somewhere good in London to eat during his weekend down from Exeter. We both have a limited budget but love pizza so I thought this would be the best option, and I managed to get a booking at 9.30. Its hugely popular so it is particularly necessary to book on a night like Friday unless you are willing to queue. 

I was really hoping it would deliver considering I had mucked up the pre dinner drinks. I thought it would be easy to find somewhere to serve us beer nearby, but I was wrong…very wrong.

In fact, it proved to be easier to find sex/strip joints…which is what I did, unfortunately. Awkward. 

As well as delivering the best rustic looking pizzas, the most garlicy (and greenest) garlic bread, Grant was rather chuffed with his large tankard of pale ale. 

The only down side of Pizza East on their busy nights is the volume – its a large space full of a lot of customers, so the level of chat noise is very high. That said, I far prefer a restaurant with atmosphere then a quiet and clinical space. 

The choice of music should be noted too – we had a wonderful mix of Lionel Richie, Back to the Future soundtrack and some other retro classic….

Would you like to know more of my fave pizza places?

Let me know! x

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