You know how it goes. You head to an affordable shop in order to save yourself some vital pennies. But of course temptation takes over. You manage to rationalise buying more ( including things you don’t need), because of the lower price point. In this case I intended to buy Christmas presents at Staines TK Maxx, knowing it had an impressive range of homeware, xmassy snacks and bath bits and bobs . Of course I became instantly distracted by the maze of clothes rails and quicky found myself immersed in the sales aisles. After resisting a beautiful knit colour block jumper Clements Ribeiro jumper, I came across the showstopping colour of this coat. I tend to veer towards classic/safe when it comes to my outerwear, so I was rather excited  by the prospect of being daring with a purchase of this vivid Mohair beauty. Knowing that it wasn’t quite my size, I put it down and carried on with the intended task of buying for others. It didn’t last long. I convinced myself that the mannish, oversized look is very current, therefore this coat was in fact perfect. Don’t judge me…I tried. 

Blue Mohair Blend Belted Coat

£46.00 reduced from £79.99

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