The hunt for the perfect boot has been decades long. I wasn’t built
for heel wearing, in fact shoes with height are my kryptonite.  After all too many calamities, near death experiences, and just darn right embarrassing
moments courtesy of the nights I tried to be like all the other girls in
the their sexy heels or cool platforms, I admitted defeat. In the same
way you learn about how many drinks is too many drinks, I now know that
about 3 inches is my limit, and that I need support around my
pathetically wobbly ankles. So my shoe browsing tends to be limited to
boots these days, but that doesn’t have to mean boring. As soon as I lay
my eyes on these furry numbers at Zara I was lusting…hard. At just under
£90 they were out of my range, but every time I passed the store I’d
pick them up, stroke them for a bit, and begrudgingly put them back
down. Apparently when the Zara sale went live the site was apprently so
busy it went down, probably because of fellow nutters trying to get
their mitts on the dream boots. Thankfully not everyone has freakishly
small feet so they were secured as soon as possible. I had never allowed
myself to try them on in store. I knew that if I did I would be in too
deep. They would be coming home with me. I was a tad worried they’d
arrive and either not fit the trotters, or be unsympathetic to my high
arches. I needn’t have worried, the dream was real. It was meant to be,
them and me, together forever…..till I get the fur ruined in the rain.

£89.99 reduced to £69.99

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