Look Ma, I’m on TV!!

So a few weeks ago 4Music got in touch asking if I’d be interested in contributing to their new show. They were look for music vloggers from all around the UK to represent their area and the sonic tastes of that location. The aim is to create a map of what the UK is listening to. So we had to record  YouTube style vid at home, nothing too polished, to send in showcasing our personal opinions of songs that are currently in the charts.

I was out at a wedding when the show aired so wasn’t sure if any of my ramblings would make the edit, or how embarrassing they were if they did make the cut. So when I got home today and found the show on my Tivo, I was a little apprehensive about watching. In fact I got a cushion ready to hide behind. It was over in a flash, which was probably a blessing but sadly they had annotated my name incorrectly….I am known as Jodie….

Anyway…still…not everyday my ugly mug will be on the box, so mustn’t grumble…

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