I not only have one layer of dark circle, I have two, almost three…quantity is not always what you want. What I am trying to tell you is I’m tired, running on empty if you will…

So before I digress into the tales of my insomnia and CFS related problems I will tell you how my zombie state has affected today’s ensemble. 

I am being a cooked a nice meal at someone else’s house, so I need to look presentable and like I have  made some sort of real style choice, but I don’t have the mental capacity to try and put a complex look together. Essentially I was after one statement piece that would do all the talking, and today it was my fluffy knit dress from ASOS. A bit more quirky that your average LBD, so its not too boring, and a statement enough that no accessories or wackiness elsewhere is necessary. So I teamed with black tights and my TOPSHOP zip boots, with a bit of rose gold glimmer from my ASOS watch. SIMPLES. 

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