Once again I found myself abandoning drawing. Work and being accommodating to the schedules and needs of others was ruling my life,  leaving me very little time to breathe or partake in hobbies or activities that fill me with joy . It is no coincidence that during these periods of my life I find I am at my least happy/content…. and desperately stressed out. Lately I have been making an effort to make room for drawing, which isn’t easily, but possible if i am willing to live with the fact I may have to put my self first. There is something about concentrating on that one bit of paper and the image you are trying to create, that allow you to temporarily leave all those dark things that cloud or stress your mind. The bonus is that you end up with something to show for it too….Ok so the results vary, and when it doesn’t go to plan it can put you in a right grump, but overall I think its very positive for the soul. You may not think you can draw, but what is good drawing? I love David Shrigley and his drawings are as simple at the get…..if drawing doesn’t do it for you why not try another art form or craft and see if it gives you that sense of escape……

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