I had been lucky enough to go to the McBusted gig at Hyde Park last year. I don’t like to overstate , but it was probably the most fun I’d had all year. I hope that doesn’t make my life sound too sad. 

Despite the rain showers during a large chunk of Backstreet Boys, I’ve never see a happier audience. The vibe in the park was j electric with happiness. I know I’m sounding a bit like a hippy, but it was an incredibly uplifting experience. Despite the astounding success of that day, I didn’t purchase tickets for their O2 show this year. I knew it would probably be similarly fantastic but I almost didn’t want to taint the near perfection of last year’s summer event. 

I think fate played a part though – there’s my inner hippy coming out again. My friend Kelly messaged me out of the blue to ask if I wanted to join her in seeing the boys at the O2. I couldn’t turn it down now could I? 

We didn’t see the support acts. Yes, I know thats a sin considering I’m a music journo when I should be supporting up and coming talent, but my belly was calling at Five Guys, much like the sirens on the rocks in those all mythical stories.

After the support acts had concluded and before the main act hit the stage they had some film trailers playing on the large screens. I was transported back to my childhood thanks to the genius selection on display – classics like Teen Wolf, Waynes World, Short Circuit, Neverending Story, Back To The Future….. Such an amazing nostalgia trip. Although it was quite depressing when you looked round to see lots of kids who either didn’t know the films, or weren’t even born when they were first released. Ah well….as Aaliyah sang…Age aint nothin’ but a number….

So I won’t give you a proper review of the show as plenty of the music sites will cater to that, but I will tell you they played a large chunk of the songs you’d want them to. Busted playing You Said No, Thunderbirds, Air Hostess,Crashed The Wedding, What I go to School for….and most importantly 3AM. As I write this I am still reeling with devastation after realising that my SD card has corrupted and lost my video of the aforementioned power ballad. Mcfly did all but a couple that I hope to hear too, It’s All About You delivering one of the most heartwarming moments of the night. 

I’m not so au fait with the McBusted stuff but it sounded just as pop punk catchy as the rest of their back catalogues. So musically it was as fun, jolly and anthemic as you’ve come to expect from the boys, but lets just talk about the set for a moment.  It was a large arcade game, complete with joysticks and light up buttons…. there were tracks which they’d run around on (at one point in wedding dresses). James even rode a bike on it – which stressed me out. I think that proves I am getting on a bit….the fact I was worrying about health and safety instead of just enjoying the theatrics.  

The show-stopping moment came courtesy of the Back to the Future car, which came down from the gods and dropped the boys off at the secondary stage. 

Ok, I have to be honest with you, it wasn’t as good as the Hyde Park event for a few reasons….a severe lack of the Backstreet Boys, a lack of fresh air and sunshine….but more importantly my ability to dance with abandon was restricted. I think thats why festivals rule over venue gigs….you car flail your arms in the fresh air and run about if you feel so inclined. That said…as gigs in venues of that size go, this was the beez knees. If you didn’t smile, I suggest you need to extract your heart and check it isn’t black. 


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