Lounging in Leggsington Leggings



A couple weeks ago I had a lovely email from the girls at Leggsington asking if I’d like to try a couple of their products. I haven’t actually been wearing a lot of leggings lately. I have managed to wack on 3/4 of a stone in the last couple months, and of course it hasn’t gone to the boobs. Predictably it is my thighs that have been gifted with that extra squishing material. I’ve never been toned in that area, but they have become noticeably more wobbly of late. The fact that I’m deadly pale at the moment doesn’t help…looks a bit like cauliflower cheese. 

Thankfully when I checked the site, they had more to offer than the straight forward leggings…they have joggers (some of which are fleece lined), skirts, socks and leather look skinnies. 

I already have some pretty spectacular Drop Dead Tracksuit bottoms,  but they are so dense and wooly that er they are now acting as wooly saunas for my legs. I am sweaty by nature…I don’t need further help!

So I thought I’d opt for one of their lightweight joggers in the hope they’d make for ideal lounging fodder for S/S. I was also intrigued to see what their Vegan take on a leather look legging would be like, so I chose one of those as my second option. Plus I thought it would be a very useful item for festival season. 

They arrived incredibly swiftly, so that instantly gets the brand major brownie points in my eyes. The joggers fit perfectly, and have now become my home staple. I work from home most days so having comfy clothes to work in is pretty important to me. I’ve suffered too many years of getting that jean inflicted painful/itchy jean behind the knee thing, and wearing my towelling dressing gown while doing conference calls doesn’t feel very professional. 

The Vegan leather look leggings look and feel just as good as any ‘normal’ alternative, in fact they are probably a bit softer. So it is a big win there….

While we are on the subject of leggings ladies, can we just discuss the rules, because some of you seem to have forgotten….

If they are light coloured don’t wear dark underwear underneath

If you are prone to a camel toe or VPL please wear a long top that covers those areas….sometimes it feels a bit like a biology lesson when you walk down the high-street. 

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