No. 7 Early Defence Trio Released

When I was at the Brent Cross Spring beauty event, I had consultations at various beauty counters. This isn’t something I usually do for various reason. I don’t enjoy being watched while my make up is done particularly if I have to strip my face off make up, as I have always been rather self conscious about my appearance minus the improving/masking qualities of make-up. I am also pretty lax when it comes to updating my routine. When it comes to skincare I’m not sure what I do/have even equals a routine. I am also usually trying to get everything done as quick as possible, so don’t like to stop to chat or experiment with products. 

But, as I said, this was an event intended for us to up our beauty game so thought I’d make the most of the day. One particular brand was incredibly bad at hiding their judgmental faces when I confessed I didn’t really apply anything to my face in terms of anti ageing. 

I know they are right to be concerned. At my age I should have been using products that target this particular issue for at least five years, but getting in to bed as soon as possible has always been of higher importance to me….I know, very silly. 

So after this gentle telling off I told myself that I’d start to make a bit more effort when it comes to my skin and preventing any further unnecessary signs of ageing. 

So the products I have been turning to our some newbies courtesy of No.7. I have history with this brand, having stolen quite a few products from my mums bathroom cabinet, having read the glowing hoo-ha about them in the Daily Mail. I have always found them to live up to the positive press, so was excited to have some products all to myself, particularly ones aimed at my age bracket. 

No7’s next innovation in skincare is designed especially for young women’s skin. No7 Early Defence Skincare (consisting of Day, Night and Eye Creams) works as a ‘stepping stone’ to help you move from everyday skincare to proactively delaying the signs of ageing. It protects against environmental stresses such as UV damage and pollution whilst boosting young skin’s natural defences to help it look younger for longer.

Despite my laziness when it comes to skincare I have been won over my No.7 Serum, and have started using as base before applying my foundation. I like the refreshment you get from Serum, as well as its swift soaking in time. It has also been effective in reducing the size (appearance) or my enlarged pores. 

I was a bit hesitant about applying a day cream, because in the past creams have clogged my pores and lead to break outs. That said, there is a certain level of trust when it comes to this brand, so I was willing to take the risk in the pursuit of halting the ageing process. 

The formula is extremely light, which is perfect for me as thick and rich creams are too much for my sensitive acne prone skin to handle. The fragrance is muted but pleasant – no complaints from the boyfriend, which is rare! It rubs in to the skin very easily, temporarily leaving a slight shimmer on the skin. This disappears surprisingly fast and leaves you with an idea finish to apply your make-up.

While it is too early to tell whether it will halt my wrinkles, sagging or discolouration I can confirm that it injecting a bit of life and light into my face, which was looking a tad sallow before using. 

After cleansing (using my current favourite Liz Earle product) I have been applying the Night Cream to my face and neck. A turkey neck is one of my biggest ageing fears and I am already seeing some new lines emerging, so thought I best tackle that as well as my face! 

Much like the day cream, the formula is light and rubs into the skin beautifully. The fragrance is pretty much the same too – very pleasant .

When I wake my skin feels incredibly soft, and I think a bit plumper. You can still tell that there has been cream on your face though – there is a slight sheen left of the skin. 

The Eye Defence cream doesn’t let the trio of saviours down. It feels wonderfully fresh when applied under the eye. You feel a definite zing, which is very much needed in the morning. 

If you have any soreness or dryness under the eye do be aware that it may sting a bit. 

The product feels like its working wonders…but as it is early days I can’t confirm that it is lessening the appearance of existing flaws, but finger crossed it is helping to keep further darkness and wrinkles at bay!

Early Defence Day, Night and Eye Creams will replace the current No7
Protect and Perfect Day, Night and Eye Creams, whilst No7 Protect &
Perfect ADVANCED Serums will still be available
to be used in combination with the new skin care range.

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