No7 Spring Nails Review


No.7 Gel Look Shine in Sweet Lilac

 I was surprisingly chirpy this morning, so much so I chose to creak out of my bed, rather than have my usual Saturday lie in. So stunning was the weather outside I just wanted to get out in the garden and bask. My day was set to improve upon the arrival of a package from No. 7. 

Enclosed was a selection of products from their sping collection…First up I’ll review the above nail colour.

I am partical to pastel colours. Actually partial doesn’t really cut it…I’m obsessed. I went through a phase last year of only purchasing items featuring a pastel hue. My hair even turned pastel pink….then lilac. So in terms of colour we are already on to a winner…Aside from looking great with pastel ensembles it looks fantastic with monochrome, but also other brights. If you look at the images taken in the garden today, how fantastic does it look against the vivid colours of the foliage! 

I was far too comfortable lazing on the grass, watching Ally Mcbeal on my laptop, to go and get the nail varnish remover to take off the current polish. My impatience meant that I was still going to go ahead and try out my new shade.


In one coat it had completely covered up the previous colour- and although I did another coat for good measure, there really wasn’t any need.  I have always liked the brushes used with No.7 varnishes, they are wide and thick and manage to cover the nail in one sweep – which means you don’t have to go in a second or third time and do anything fiddly and messy. For people who find themselves in a rush, this is the perfect nail product if you want to add a splash of colour between work and an evening out.

The drying speed is extremely good too.  I know some people are into a matte finish these days, but this varnish gives a lovely glossy finish. Please don’t use my pictures as proof though. Due to the fact I kept the chipped nail varnish underneath, the surface of my nail wasn’t as smooth as a clean nail would have been.

You can purchase the vanish for £7 from Boots

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