Today I tried the second of the lipstick’s from No7. This one is from the Stay Perfect range, so it has a less creamy feel to it, far dryer and more matte in finish. I guess to ensure it stays on the lips for a longer amount of time the formula has to firmer, moving less when you purse your lips together.

Only one coat was required to create bold coverage. 

The colour on the end of lipstick is a fair representation of the effect you will see on your lips ( some of these pictures have given it a ligher more orangey tinge). It is in fact a beautifully dramatic raspberry hue.


The shape of the lipstick lends itself well to creating more pointed cupids bows. 


I found that the colour enhances the whiteness of my teeth too, which is a nice added bonus!


I took these photos after I’d scoffed my lunch. I think they go a fair way to prove that the product can withstand a fair bit of normal human activity, maintaining  good amount of saturation. 

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