I don’t know what it is about us girls, but we seem to find anything related to witches, trickery, the supernatural, ever so appealing. I know I am not alone in being a wee bit obsessed with The Craft when it came out….who am I kidding, I am still pretty in to it. I don’t know whether it is because I felt some sort of affinity with the social outcasts…or perhaps I just liked what they wore.

Whether its the shape or tint of my sunglasses or the over-use of black, there are regular nods to the movie within my daily ensembles. 

I never like to completely copy looks that inspire me, as I don’t want to look like a cheap imitation, but I like capure the vibe. 

If you keep up on my YouTube channel, you will know this look has been taken from my Festival Lookbook for colder/wetter climates. Ideally you’d have the air wafting around your nether regions, but for practicality and warmth I’ve teamed this dress with some vegan leather look leggings. 

Talking of the dress, my friend, the vlogger Jenn Im,  asked me where it was from, as she had a very similar one from For Love and Lemons. If you aware of that brand you will know how beautiful but expensive it is….I am telling you this, as this was only £20….which goes to show you should also hunt for dupes before forking out big amounts of dosh!  

While I reccommended this necklace for it’s style credentials, the reality is that it is not the most practical of jewellery for a festival. Quite frankly it is pretty much a weapon and could cause some serious harm to yourself and others when jumping around in the pit. I know there is always that one annoying person who keeps bumping in to you…but we must refrain from using our fashion items for violence! 







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